Arto Ojaranta

I was born 01/2001 and I live in Kirkkonummi, Finland. I started kart at the outdoor track in the KF6 class at the age of 8. In 2014 I drove in the KF3 -class (under Porkkala racing colors) and for the season 2015 I shifted to the KFJ -class (under the Mad Croc team colors). I started with the 6-gear kingship class KZ2 2016 and I drove in Hemet racing team season 2016 and 2017. I went back to the Porkkala racing for the seasons 2018 and 2019, achieving in Finnish Championship competition bronze medal in 2018 and the clearest gold medal in 2019.

2020 Finnish Championship: 2nd place (SFN Motorsport)

2019 Finnish Championship: 1st place (Porkkala Racing

2018 Finnish Championship: 3rd place (exceptionally this was a one-time race) (Porkkala Racing)

2017 Finnish Championship: 8th place (Hemet Racing)

2016 Finnish Championship: 4th place (Hemet Racing)

During seasons 2017 (in Hemet racing) and 2018 (in CRG S.P.A.) I sought international experience by driving all the European and World Championship races. I also participated some of the TAG Shifter and Estonian Championship races to improve my driving skills in different levels of racing. In 2019, I drove only the Finnish Championship races, because when there was the World Championship in Italy, I had a sinusitis and fever, so I couldn't drive there.

During all winter I focus to my physical fitness for example with CrossFit and doing different kind of exercises. I also practice year-round with simulator.

The realization for years 2020-2022 depends on sponsors. My dream and the main goal will be to get into the Formula 4, when the races would be in Italy and the UK. I will drive the season 2020 in the familiar KZ2 class. I will drive all the Finnish Championship races. All the European and the World Championship races as well as Italian WSK series races I will drive in the SC Performance team.

My main goal for years 2021-2022 is so to get into the Formula 4 -class.