Yhdysvalloissa sijaitsevalla New Hampshiren nascar moottoriradalla ajetusta Legendsien MM-sarjan viimeisestä osakilpailusta tuli tiukan taistelun jälkeen MM-Hopeaa Suomeen. Perjantaina Kovan vesisateen ja nykyisen rengas-sarja säännön myötä harjoitukset jäivät hyvin minimiin (5 kierrokseen). Lauantaina aamusta ajettiin vielä yksi harjoitus jossa vauhti oli todella hyvää 0,2 sek pohjat. Iltapäivällä aloitettiin aika-ajo jossa tekniika ongelmien myötä sijoituttiin harmittavasti vasta sijalle P4. Pre-finaaliin lähdettiin sijalta P2, kovan taistelun jälkeen mestaruudestakin ajavan Trevor Kourse kuitenkin taipui paria kierrosta ennen maaliviivaa ja ero kasvoi 1,7 sekuntin mittaiseksi. Sunnuntaina ajettuun finaaliin päästiin starttaamaan ruudusta P3, huonon lähdön myötä tiputtiin sijalle P5, parin ajetun kierroksen jälkeen oltiin taas kiinni voittotaistelussa sijalla P3, koko ajan tuntui että kyyti ei ollut jostain syystä samalla tasolla kuin treeneissä tai prefinaalissa, mutta periksi ei annettu, kolmanneksi viimeisellä kierroksella noustiin sijalle P2 ja alettiin jahtaamaan osakilpailu voittoa joka harmikseen jäi viimeiseen mutkaan oman ylioptimisen ohitus yrityksen myötä haaveeksi ja maaliin tultiin sijalla P6. Sarja pisteet laskettuna MM-sarjasta tuli kuitenkin urani suuri saavutus MM-Hopea.

The last race of Legends Finnish Championship series in Botniaring 

On Friday, we got to train in the rain at the Botniaring track and the pace was really good. The weekend of three races started on Saturday on a wet track. In the time trial, we had a reasonably good lap, being second in our own group and fourth in the overall results. The first race start was therefore from grid p4. About halfway through the race, the racing partner made a slightly overoptimistic overtaking attempt on a semi-dry track, which resulted in a small hit to the right front wheel, damaging the steering angles. The pace dropped significantly after the hit and we finished in p9. The second start was based on times and the damaged car's time was only 16th fastest, thus the starting grid for the second start was p16. The start was good and from there the top five immediately rose to the top of the fight. We finished fifth, but during the start for some reason the timing system did not give us time. There was no lap time and according to the rule, the next start is started from the last square if there is no time at all. The last start of the Finnish Championship series started from position p47. At the end of a hard race and 35 overtakings, we came to the checkered flag in position p12.

The second last weekend of the series was in Ahvenisto 

Photo: Hannu Lehtola

Photo: Hannu Lehtola 

On Friday, due to the high fever, there were very few training sessions. In addition, due to a driving error, I drove into the wall, which resulted in damage to both front corners of the car. By the evening, the car was repaired, but we didn't notice that the rear axle stand was damaged. So the car was not in racing condition in the qualifying sessions, so the result of the qualifying sessions was a couple of seconds slower than in practice.

On Saturday, I was already feeling much better and the starting grid was P18/40 for the first race, according to the overall results of the qualifying sessions. We finished tenth. The second race was started in the order of the fastest lap times of the first race, so the starting grid became P8/40. After a challenging race, we successfully finished in P4/40th place.

Thanks again to my mechanic, Pekka Seppänen, and the Icboys Racing team for the weekend's big job! The last races of the series will be held at Botniaring on September 17-18, then the final rankings of the Championship series will be determined. At the moment, we are fighting for the overall result of the series for silver and the victory in our own class.

The fourth Legends race weekend was run at the Alastaro motor track

Photo: Hannu Lehtola

Photo: Hannu Lehtola

On Friday we practiced and on Saturday there were both qualifying and two race starts. In qualifying, the result was the third fastest time of the group and P5/50 as the starting grid for the first race, because the track was so congested that it was really challenging to get a good lap.

The start of the first race went well and we were able to get third at the beginning of the race. About halfway through the race, the competitor who was behind had a brake failure, so when he hit the rear corner of my car, I spun and dropped several places as a result, so we only reached the finish line in P12/50th place.

The second race was started based on the best lap times of the first race, so the starting grid became the sixth grid. The start went well and we were able to move up a couple of places right away, and with the overtaking, we came to the finish line in third place. However, in the fight for third place, I hit a competitor with the result that I received a 5 second penalty, so the third place changed to P4/50.

Big thanks again to the Iceboys Racing team and sponsors!

The halfway point of the Legends series was crossed over the weekend at the street track, Seinäjoki Vauhtiajot

Photo: Hannu Lehtola

Photo: Hannu Lehtola

The race weekend was special in the sense that there was no training at all, as is normally done at the races. The morning warm-ups were the only contact with the track, before the actual racing. With a successful lap, the qualifying resulted in a nice pole position, which was a great start to the weekend. In contrast to other race weekends, 10-lap sprint starts were run before the actual finnish championship starts.

The first sprint race was started in the order of qualifying, from the pole. The sprint race was an intact race and the finish line was reached first. With this, Saturday's WC race started again from the pole, but an hour before the race, the weather turned rainy, so the race was also run in the rain. Since there was very little rain experience in Legends (only two race starts), you couldn't be disappointed when you finished third.

Sunday's sprint race was started in the order according to the lap times of Saturday's SM race, i.e. from fifth grid and finished third. Sunday's SC race was started according to the results of the sprint race, again in rainy weather. After a hard fight, we reached the finish line in fifth place.

All in all, the weekend was good training in the rain and in many ways again educational and great. Thanks to all the supporters, sponsors and the Iceboys Racing team.

Second weekend behind the championship series

Photo: Hannu Lehtola

Photo: Hannu Lehtola

In qualifying we drove the first pole position of our Legends career. Thus, the first race was started from the pole. About an hour before the start, it started to rain, so we knew that the first race would be run on rain tires and probably the second as well. Legends didn't have any previous rain experience, so the first laps directly from the pole position were really challenging, but as the race progressed, they slowly started to find speed and finished in 8/43 place.

The second race was started from grid 5 and the weather was about to dry out. We had a discussion with the mechanic about which tires to put on and together we ended up with dry angel tires with little risk. All top 30 drivers started with rain tires. From the beginning of the race, it seemed that the choice of tires hit the button, but the dreams started to fall in the middle of the race, like water started to drip from a clear sky onto the track, completely soaking it again. The goal was reached in both places in 18/43, so there was no need to stop the race.

On Sunday, the last start of the weekend of three races was run and we started it in 10/43 place. The track had completely dried during the night/morning and the pace throughout the weekend had been really strong in dry weather and we knew that now we would be able to drive cleanly to win. But unfortunately at the start I made a really big mistake, i.e. the car stopped at the line and dropped to the last place, i.e. 43rd. However, thanks to the strong speed, we rose to 11th place in the 10-lap race.

The weekend was really a big disappointment for me, with my own mistakes and misjudgments, but it's not worth wallowing in shame and bad self-esteem, and therefore Midsummer will be spent resting and recharging the batteries, so that the Seinäjoki Vauhtiajai would be fully prepared to win both starts in the two-race weekend. Even though last weekend was so difficult, the fight for the championship will not be given up until the checkered flag swings for the last time at the end of the season. Thanks to the whole team Iceboys Racing and to the partners.

This weekend was our debut race at Legends, Motopark

Photo: Hannu Lehtola

Friday was a training day, when we did 3 training sessions and the pace looked promising. Saturday started with a qualifying, where we were second in our own group and third in the whole group, so three of us started the first race. In the first race, the start was not successful, so one place was dropped, i.e. fourth. After a few laps, we had risen to second and third in the last lap to the top, we finished in P1/41.

We started the second race in the order of the fastest lap times of the first race, i.e. we had box 1. The start went well, but in the first lap we dropped to fifth place. After a few laps we were in the lead again, after which the battle for victory began, which stretched until the last lap, but in the end the finish line was crossed first.

A big thank you to my mechanic, Pekka Seppänen, to my team Iceboys Racing, and to all the sponsors!. There are 14 race starts in total, so there are still a lot of kilometers to be driven and points to be awarded. The season will certainly be tough and interesting, but it is good to go to the next race in Kemora on June 18-19, 2022.

Contract news for season 2022

It is now a pleasure and an honor to announce the plans for this season! We have signed an agreement with the Iceboys team for the 2022 season in the Finnish championship series, and therefore we will drive the Legends track car series in the coming season.

The last Karting Finnish Championship series competition was run in Lahti

Photo: Kartmamaphotographs

Photo: Kartmamaphotographs

When we started in the last race, there was still a small chance to win the Finnish Championship silver, taking a pole from the time trial and winning both finals. The final race was forced to make big changes to ensure the best result and so it was decided to switch from Kosmic to last season's BirelArt chassis.

From the first day of training, the car was made to work well with Järvilehto in the rain, on the second day of training we were able to drive dry and the car felt really good. The trainings went better than during the whole season and Saturday's races were started with a good feeling.

The whole Saturday was told about the functionality of the car, since the morning practice every bet was perfectly successful. Time trial pole position 0.2 second bottoms, win of both heats and win of both finals. In the second final, the jury gave a 10-second time penalty from the wrong starting box, which dropped first from fifth place and meant that the Finnish Championship bronze was achieved this year.

Thanks to the whole team and support team for their hard work ahead of the weekend. I especially thank Jyrki Järvilehto, who made the car work so well that during the whole weekend no one even got to try to overtake!

The second to last race of the Karting Finnish Championship series was run last Saturday at Lentola

Secondly, the last race at Lentola has been run and there were enough challenges. For some reason, the dry weather was completely lost, and the car could not be driven at all. In time, the ranking was p5. After a good start to the first set, I rose to third but when there was no momentum, I dropped one place, to fourth. Luckily for us, it started to rain in the second batch and I was able to rise to second in the batch. Unfortunately, due to a small hit, the other rear tire was knocked out, causing the tire to come off and the lot to be missed. As a result of the lots, I got to start in the first final from the starting box at six, when the weather looked rainy. With the exception of one driver, we entered the final on rainbikes, but in the end, no water came during the final. The finals were p4 but the rainbikes were exhausted at this point. The final final was started from box four, in the rain and bad tires below. There was hardly any grip on the tires at all, which is why I went to the ring a couple of times and after about eight laps, those to be overtaken on the lap were flagged out, including me.

For my part, the weekend did not go as expected, but the only driver who made the right tire choices deserved his place in this race, congratulations Santtu Juntunen!

Photo: Kartmamaphotographs

The middle of the Karting Finnish Championship series was crossed with the Pori race competition

Photo: Kartmamaphotographs

Last Saturday, the third race of the karting Finnish Championship series was held in Pori. The time trials went better this time and the ranking was p4. Thus, we started from the fourth square with different rankings p1 and p2. The first final was started from the second box and after a good start I got to the top but due to a small mistake the ranking was p2 in this final. The successful start of the second final also from the second square, I immediately got to the top and got a good start to the neck, but for some reason the grip started to disappear from the rear wheels, so the lap times worsened so that it was over in the final stages of the race and the final ranking was p4.

The second competition of the Karting Finnish Championship series in Ruuhimäki

Photo: Kartmamaphotographs

The second race of the Karting SM series is behind us. Ruuhimäki is a challenging track for KZ and the importance of time trial placement is emphasized when driving here. Thursday and Friday were tested, Saturday was race day. In time, the ranking was fourth and the lots started from the fourth square. In the installments, the standings were second and seventh, so the first final was started again from the fourth square. The result of the first final was P3 and due to the poor start of the second final I dropped last but after a hard fight I crossed the finish line in fifth. All in all, a difficult weekend is behind us, but the eyes have already been turned towards the Pori race in two weeks!

Kemora Finnish Championship Formula 4 debut

Photo. Mico Wikström

Photo. Mico Wikström

Over the weekend, the first race of my life was driven in a formula 4 car, in the Formula Open Finland series.

Friday was a training day and we were able to draw eight bets, unfortunately it hurts and due to a small driving error there was a small crash during one bet. However, we learned from this and the trainings continued. On Saturday, time trials and race 1 were run. On Sunday we drove race 2, 15min before the race there was a heavy rain, as a result of which it was decided to go on the track with a rain tire. I started from the square and during the first rounds I rose to second place. During the last rounds I climbed to the top and crossed the finish line first!

Great weekend behind, thanks to Koiranen GP and the mechanics team.

However, the biggest thanks go to my mechanic Jyrki, for the advice and feedback I got from my performance, it's great to get to learn from the master himself!

Finnish Championships races started in Vantaa Circuit, in Finland

Photo: Kartmamaphotographs

The first Finnish Championship weekend is behind us! Even though the result on paper was not the best, I still have to be satisfied, because the Vantaa track has always been challenging for me. There was no good time in the time trial and the start to the rounds was P8, still the race pace was good and the final results were P3 and P4. Important Finnish Championship points were won from the Vantaa weekend! In a month, we will race in Ruuhimäki!

Contract news for season 2021

It's finally starting to be spring and the competition season is approaching, so it's time to announce this year's team and equipment. Planning for the upcoming season began at the end of November and as the global pandemic has also had a major impact on motorsports, it was decided that in the coming season I will go karting. The team for this season is Porkkala Racing or so-called own team and strong support is the new karting shop, for example for spare parts. Two cars of this season, Kosmic Kart, will come directly from the factory. The engines are the familiar TM Racing R1 engines, which are tuned by the Czech Machac Motors.

Season 2021

The past season has been challenging in so many different ways. Even before the season got off to a good start in Finland, the changed world situation made it unclear whether the races would be run at all, whether the agreed races could be run abroad, how it would go with the team agreements already made. and SM silver was carried home.

In Finland, the season started promisingly, for the first time the frame was Birel ART, but the technology was an old familiar TM engine. The car was tested and adjusted and tested again many times until satisfied with the ride. The first competitions started at the beginning of June, the Pori National Competition, which gave a taste of several technical problems for the coming season. Pori got off to a good start in the race but unfortunately in the first final when driving in the top position the chains were different and the driver behind drove a little over the back corner. The second final was reached, albeit from last place, although there was enough momentum and we had already risen nicely until the overrun rear tire started to leak and the final had to be stopped. So little of Pori was left in his hand but a bad mood.

The next direction was the Jyväskylä National Competition in mid-July. The tests went well and there was enough momentum, but in the race the momentum disappeared and the finals came out of the finals. Overall, the National Series became silver!

Then we started driving the Finnish Championship series and the first races were run in Vantaa at the beginning of August, where the second place and victory came out of the finals. These points immediately moved to the top of the series, but the good ranking didn't last long. The first big problems started during the second race weekend in Oulu. In the morning, during the rounds, the worst run-out of the entire racing career happened, due to which the first final was missed. The body of the car was right in the knot and practically the whole car had to be disassembled and stacked from scratch in a new body. It was great to see how people are in the depot coming to a tight spot as help and support, thank you to everyone who took part in building the car and so you made it possible to take part in the final finals! Unfortunately, however, the final had to be skipped, as after a few good laps the gear stick deviated and the run ended.

The next was already in Kouvola, on the third race weekend. The tests went well, the car was adjusted and tested and adjusted once more until we were ready for the race. From time to time, the competition did not go as desired and the batches had to start from last place. Unexpectedly, an electrical fault occurred in the engine, so before the batches another engine was replaced to start the race. Going in the installments already looked better and in both the ranking improved from the last to the fifth. In the finals, everything turned on its head again and the first final was left in second place in the middle as the throttle cable deviated. The second final was thus started from last place and rose to sixth. At this point, the series points were split so that the next race would indeed solve everything.

The last race and the last race of the season in Pori, Finland, in late September. The stakes were high because there were already so many disappointments behind. The second place came out of the times, ie good starting points for the competition, the lots went well and the first final was started from the first place. The second final was started from the obedient box and after a hard fight they came second. The Finnish championship series was decided by the fact that the winner had more victories behind him, as the series points were in the top two at the end of the season.

I would like to thank my sponsors, family and support staff for the past season, THANK YOU!

An exciting meeting with a completely new line-up is coming next week and we will start planning together through 2021.

Finnish Championships races started in Vantaa Circuit, in Finland

First Finnish championships races is now driven.

After difficult and sticky start, we got brilliant final result. In the qualifying session, we got P6, so we started from sixth on the grid to the first heat. Final score in this first heat was P4. Starting to the second heat succeed well, but because of crash in the first corner, we had to interrupt this heat. Aggregated result of these two heats was P9, so we started to first final from ninth on the grid, but we rose up to P2. To the second final we started from second on the grid, and after strong start we were leading, and were first in the finish line. 

So, we got 45 points, and after first races we are leading with 9 points in this Finnish championship.

Thank to all our sponsors and SFN Motorsport for their all support and for this weekends' opportunity!

Contract news for season 2020

It is our honour and pleasure to inform you that season 2020 in Finnish championships will drive with SFN motorsport team. First practiserace will be already in this weekend in Pori with a new car, which include BirelART chassis and TM engine.

The transport vehicle for the season 2020 

We renewed the look of our transport vehicle for the season 2020. The tapes of the car were designed and implemented by Mainostoimisto AD-Office Oy. It is a pleasure to notice in these difficult situations that sponsors have willing, believe and trust to our doing during waiting for the start of this season. Although these are difficult times for many smaller companies, they still believe in the future.

SC Performance

We went to Italy in early December (2019) for testing. Now we are pleased to announce the collaboration with the SC Performance team running the European and World Championships and two WSK Series.